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    I’ve added a link to Stana’s fanlisting which is the only approved TFL fanlisting for Stana. If you’re a fan please join. Updates will be coming soon!

    “Castle”: 6×05 – Time Will Tell Promo

    Check out the promo for next week’s all new episode of “Castle!” A grisly murder investigation leads Castle and Beckett to a suspect (Joshua Gomez, “Chuck,” guest stars as Simon Doyle) who claims he’s traveled back in time to stop terrible events from unfolding, events that will change the course of human history. Is he simply a deluded killer, or is it possible that he’s telling the truth, on “Castle,” Monday, October 21st on ABC.

    New Owner

    Hi I’m Chrisie. A huge thank you to Aniek for allowing me to take over this awesome site. I adore Stana and look forward to getting started. Also a huge thanks to Chanel for transferring the domain over to me. I’ll be getting started asap!

    Stana Katic at ‘Elysium’ premiere

    Hi all, I am back at Stanatics! I am slowly adding more stuff to the gallery. Enjoy!

    Stana Katic of the ABC show “Castle” wore a sexy, plum-colored, knee-length Bec & Bridge Resort 2014 bustier dress with a sheer black lingerie underlay to the premiere of “Elysium” in Los Angeles on August 7th. Check out pics!

    001.jpg  005.jpg  015.jpg  025.jpg

    Gallery Links:

    Stana At The Premiere Of Walt Disney Pictures’ “The Lone Ranger”

    001.jpg 008.jpg 018.jpg 028.jpg

    EDIT: Added more HQ pictures of Stana at the event. Thanks to Claudia fpr some HQ donations.

    001.jpg 008.jpg 018.jpg 028.jpg

    Gallery Links:
    - Events From 2013 > June 22: Premiere Of Walt Disney Pictures’ “The Lone Ranger”

    ‘Castle’ Spoilers From Entertainment Weekly

    Like said in the title, this contains spoilers so read at your own risk:)

    Stana Katic’s answer in last week’s Castle scoop was perfection!!! Any more Castle scoop for the loyal fans? — Morgan H.
    While many of you have theories as to how to interpret Katic’s answer, here’s another hint that could turn your theory upside down. When asked whether she thinks the gang could survive a little time apart — should Beckett take the job in D.C. — the lovely Katic said, “I think it could be a good change of scenery for the audience. And there are ways of bringing it back together. The show has to evolve. The characters have to evolve.” She adds, “There’s ways of drawing these characters together and also giving each character a featured episode. That would be interesting to me. I love learning more about Detective Ryan and Lainie. I think it is interesting to feature them and their lives sometimes. So, you know, it doesn’t have to be the Scooby-Doo gang every episode solving a murder. It is important for a show to grow and blossom.” Thoughts, friends? Think the team could do with some time apart?


    Stana At The Women In Film’s 2013 Crystal + Lucy Awards

    Added stunning new photos of Stana at the Women In Film’s 2013 Crystal + Lucy Awards in the gallery.

    001.jpg 008.jpg 018.jpg 028.jpg

    Gallery Links:
    - Events From 2013 > Women In Film’s 2013 Crystal + Lucy Awards

    New Owner

    Hello fellow Stana fans, my name is Chanel and I’m the new owner here at Stanatics, I’m so excited to start working on this site and I would like to thank Aniek for the opportunity. Its much appreciated.

    For my first update here I’ve added a few pictures of Stana from a few days ago taken at the 15th Annual Domingo Awards.


    Gallery Links:
    -  Events From 2013 > June 7: 15th Annual Domingo Awards

    Billboard Music Awards 2013 Red Carpet

    Stana Katic is gorgeous on the blue carpet at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on Sunday (May 19) in Las Vegas. The 35-year-old Castle star was joined at the event by fellow ABC network actor, Revenge‘s Gabriel Mann.

    “Ok,ever1.My talented castmates of 5yrs &wonderful crew r the beneficiaries of ur luv n dedication.I wish u all n enjoyable season 6! night S”

    Stana tweeted after the season finale of Castle aired last week.

    001.jpg  008.jpg  018.jpg  028.jpg

    Gallery Links:

    CBGB poster & still released

    Thanks a lot to Stana Katic Brazil,  I was able to add the poster and movie still of Stana’s upcoming movie “CBGB”.

    Also, due to a server crash the latest Castle episode stills were deleted. I am working hard to get them back up again!

    cbgb.jpg  cbgb2.jpg

    Gallery Links:
    - (2012) CBGB > POSTER
    - (2012) CBGB > MOVIE STILLS

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